Screensaver based on the aesthetics of what used to be seen on our screens at the times the CRT monitors had to be using screen saving processes.
The work named R.I.P. explicitly shows the screensaver concept as an outdated strategy. The recipients are confronted with the self-media tautology, asking themselves if there is really no future for the screensaver but its slow death. Or, can it be transformed or rather “reborn” like Fénix, with the pre-supposition that the specificities of screensaver could formulate its new roles? ScreenSaverGallery is probably just one of many ways how to test this presumption; the possibilities seems infinite.
We have to ask why OS’s like Windows or Mac OS still do support screensavers. Is it from the pure nostalgia for the good old times or is there also some generosity of system developers towards human’s creativity in play? Or is it just a matter of convention? Are the locked screens on mobile devices a sufficient alternative? Is it possible that the screensavers as we remember them will die out together with the conception of desktop computers? 

Text by ScreenSaverGallery